The pretty village of Montolieu

We have welcomed helpers here since 2007 who stay to learn, to teach and help us with a variety of tasks. We are extremely grateful for all their efforts which have helped transform the site. For more detailed information on working here see here.

The Old Tannery is set in a beautiful natural environment a few hundred metres from the small village of Montolieu. The village of roughly 800 inhabitants is only 18 Km from Carcassonne, famous for its double-walled medieval city and the Canal du Midi.

Montolieu is situated between Toulouse (a large cultural University city, good for exhibitions) and the sandy beaches of Narbonne (on the Mediterranean coast).

The vision of The Old Tannery is to live in ways that use resources mindfully.

We are building a community of like-minded people who strive to live and work together peacefully, resolve conflict and enhance the environment, working with nature and natural resources. Solar panels and a windmill are planned to complete the energy project. Water from the river also irrigates the garden, so tasty fresh fruit and vegetables are coming along nicely! The design of the loft apartments puts into action our combined vision of the use of resources, with four composting toilets on site. Grey water will be used for flushing toilets.

Different people come with different plans. We have bees to provide honey and chickens to provide eggs. Come to join us in the dream!