Builders Required

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Volunteer roles: Builder (2)

We are looking for two builder volunteers with the ingenuity and high-quality skills to add to our team, to make something that will help our dream materialise before our eyes.

This is a creative role for someone who loves problem-solving and takes pride in their work. Your main tasks will vary, as our grounds are reasonably large. Mostly, they will concern working with Industrial and Commercial buildings that basically need renovating and transforming

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Creative
  • A team player
  • Easy going and considerate
  • Independent and has a strong initiative
  • Enjoys a variety of tasks

We are looking for someone who:

  • Will execute high-quality workmanship within the time frame provided
  • Is innovative and open-minded
  • Has a strong problem-solving ability and thrives during this creative process
  • Is healthy and able to work physically (job involves carrying loads etc.)
  • Is a team player and works well with a diverse group of people
  • Speaks English (or French) fluently
  • Having an interest in the environment, sustainable living or NVC (Nonviolent Communication) would be a definite plus!

Your experience

To qualify for this specific volunteer role, you must have:

  • A minimum of two years experience in the building trade.
  • An awareness of health and safety regulations and risk assessments
  • Ideally experience in renovating older buildings, such as old barn house conversions etc.
  • Experience working with renewable energy sources such as water turbines and solar energy is also a plus.

Your stay

You will be staying on site in our basic accommodation, working only 14 hours a week, you will have the freedom the rest of the time to, explore the area, make new friends, practice your French, browse bookshops, and enjoy the glorious countryside out here.

Volunteers typically stay for anything from two weeks to two months. Builders are encouraged to stay for at least one month so that site work, once begun, may be completed. (Exceptional cases may be considered for a longer stay if this serves both parties.


To apply for this role, please fill out the application form.

If you have any further questions about the role or The Old Tannery, please send them through the contact form.